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Propaide™ Secure

A complex yeast nutrient providing enhanced stress protection


Propaide™ Secure was specifically developed to maximize yeast growth and support cell structure in oxidatively stressed environments.

The Propaide™ product range is the result of a collaborative effort by the Leaf and Procelys teams, combining their industrial fermentation skills. By coupling Procelys’ experience of fermentation nutrition to Leaf’s expertise in industrial ethanol production, we effectively meet the yeast’s nutritional requirements for both micro and macronutrition. The resulting complex yeast nutrient optimizes yeast growth and resistance to oxidative stress, leading to increased process performances. This is achieved through the synergistic effects of nitrogen, minerals, and vitamins.

Propaide™ Secure was formulated after extensive research identifying key macro and micro-nutrient deficiencies in industrial alcohol fermentations. Propaide™ Secure supplementation can reduce the severity of the impact of stress events on fermentation by nutrients that have significant roles as cofactors in enzymatic reactions and improvement of fermentation kinetics. While minimal nutritional needs may suffice under normal operating conditions, it will not adequately equip yeast cells with the nutritional arsenal needed to endure and repair during fermentation stresses.

Secure industrial fermentations throughout the year

Focused stress protection

Supplementation with Propaide™ Secure increased the consistency of fermentation during periods of stress by providing necessary minerals and vitamins to impart greater stress protection. Strong cell walls enable yeast to be more resilient to stressors, including fusels, heat, ethanol and hydrostatic pressure.

Reduced impact of the stress events

Propaide™ Secure supplementation may reduce the severity of the impact of stress events on fermentation by providing nutrients that have significant roles as cofactors in enzymatic reactions.

Achieved fast and complete fermentation

Propaide™ Secure supplementation ensures that the minerals and ions necessary for yeast health and metabolism are present in sufficient quantities to ensure their availability to yeast cells, resulting in improved kinetics and reduced instances of stuck or sluggish fermentations.

About Propaide™ Secure

Available in 50lbs (22,7kg) bag
24 months from production date under recommended storage conditions
3 lbs per 1000 gallons or 360g/m3 of mash