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Present generations want to prosper without jeopardizing the future generations’ ability to meet their own needs. Global models are changing, transitioning to the bioeconomy, by drifting away from fossil-based productions and consumptions. 

Whether it is by sourcing sustainably, by setting new standards, by improving their processes or by innovating, every industry is rethinking its production practices to meet consumers’ demands and new regulations.

By putting sustainability at the heart of your concerns, you are participating in this transition to a sustainable bioeconomy. Working together, as partners, we join forces to take action towards a more sustainable tomorrow.


Fermentation is a key enabling technology that has tremendous potential in a wide range of applications to sustain a new bio-based and sustainable economy. Continuous and rapid progress of knowledge and technologies are happening in all fields, making the possibilities of innovation through fermentation infinite. Thus, industrial applications of fermentation demand a solid expertise.

Combining your ambitions to our know-how, we can support you in bringing your novel fermentation application to industrial scale and market reality.

Ethanol innovations

We understand your goal is to improve and reach stable production performances, while gaining in competitiveness and constantly improving yield. Our industrial process understanding, coupled with our comprehensive portfolio of high-performance yeasts and nutrition products were designed to help you reach these goals.

To ensure you come to optimum ethanol production, we offer a wide range of fast, efficient, and tailor-made support services.


We are committed to support you in turning your biobased projects into industrial reality. We use yeast and industrial microorganisms to make industrial biotechnology grow, and to decrease the use of petrosourced products.

Our know-how and our flexibility allow us to accompany you on the development and the industrialization of microorganisms, biobased molecules, or products whatever stage you are at.


At Leaf by Lesaffre, we acknowledge the subtleties of fermentation, and the challenge industrials are facing. We value collaboration and nurture partnerships to combine our expertise to that of our partners, creating long-term mutual benefits.

Being your industrial fermentation partner for a sustainable tomorrow, we support you through various steps of your business journey to push your plants’ limits and exceed your performance expectations.

Leaf by Lesaffre

A globally local team

Drawing upon Lesaffre’s centuries of expertise and global presence, our team of experts committed to sustainability, customers’ satisfaction and innovation is available to answer your demands with an expert support tailored to local markets and trends.

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Working together
to better nourish
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