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Bio ethanol:
our solutions for upgraded production efficiency

Bio ethanol

As a biofuel, bio ethanol plays a major part in reducing the transportation sector’s carbon footprint and decreasing our dependency on fossil fuels. Over the years, the ethanol industry has extended across the globe supported by government blending mandates and policies.  Incorporating innovations and new technologies to extract the greatest value from local biomass such as corn, cane, beet, cassava, rice, etc. – ensure more sustainable processes and enlarge the supply of clean bio ethanol.

Bio ethanol producers are continuously improving to valorize co-products and bring answers to today’s and future challenges: feeding the world, reducing climate change, and more globally caring for our planet.







Creating the most value out of your bio ethanol production

At Leaf, we understand our partners’ goal is to increase their profitability through industrial ethanol yields and production efficiency. Each bio ethanol plant is unique and has very specific operating parameters. These characteristics could be linked to your geographical area, raw materials used for bio ethanol production, or operational processes.

In this perspective, the choice of yeast is an important technological decision that directly impacts your plant’s performance. Our comprehensive portfolio of advanced yeasts and nutrition products, coupled with smart technical services is designed to support you in meeting your profitability and production goals.

“I always cultivate close connections with my partners: I frequently visit their plants and exchange with them on their fermentation performances and on future developments. This allows me to propose tailor-made key operation parameters’ optimization and to follow their implementation, in order to increase value creation. Maintaining a close relationship with them is very important because it allows us to reach levels of trust that strengthen our ties and enable us to do better business.”

Technical Sales Manager
Latin America

Product range for bio ethanol production

Picture of Evolve™ Evergreen

Evolve™ Evergreen

Evolve™ Evergreen is an advanced yeast product, specifically developed to face today’s and future starch-based ethanol production challenges: maximizing efficiency and yields while minimizing costs and environmental footprint.

Ethanol Red®

Ethanol Red® is the industry standard in biofuel production. Ethanol Red® is our rapid fermenting, temperature tolerant strain of yeast that is capable of reaching a final ethanol concentration of up to 18% (v/v) making it ideal for the production of industrial ethanol from starch substrates.

Safdistil™ Plus

Safdistil™ Plus is our hybrid yeast selected for its superior fermentation kinetic, temperature resistance and ethanol tolerance on beet substrates of a wide range of purity –beet juice, thick juice, molasse.

Propaide™ Complete

Propaide™ Complete is a complex yeast nutrient formula based on the synergies of nitrogen, minerals, and vitamins. Propaide™ Complete was specifically developed to increase performance in industrial fermentation grain mashes.

Propaide™ Grow

Propaide™ Grow is a complex yeast nutrient formula based on the synergies of nitrogen, minerals, and vitamins. Propaide™ Grow was specifically developed to maximize yeast growth and reproduction under ideal conditions in propagation.

Propaide™ Secure

Propaide™ Secure is a complex yeast nutrient formula based on the synergies of nitrogen, minerals, and vitamins. Propaide™ Secure was  specifically developed to maximize yeast growth and support cell structure in oxidatively stressed environments.