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Evolve™ Evergreen

Evolve™: grounded in science, fueled by innovation

We, at Leaf, are committed to the continuous improvement of our product and service offer to maximize industrial efficiency and productivity while paving the route to net-zero. The Evolve™ platform reflects our passion for innovation: more than a yeast range, it is the result of 170 years of fermentation experience, and a revolution where technical expertise meets cutting-edge science.

Offering high-performance yeast products specifically designed for fuel ethanol production, we strongly believe that Evolve™ is the future of fuel ethanol fermentation

Evolve™ Evergreen, our first product coming from CP²

Picture of Evolve™ Evergreen

Evolve™ Evergreen was specifically developed to face today’s and future ethanol production challenges: maximizing efficiency and yields while minimizing costs and environmental footprint.

Leaf’s industrial fermentation experts and Green Lab team combined their skills with the Lesaffre Institute of Science and Technology and Recombia Biosciences to develop Evolve™ Evergreen, our advanced yeast product for 1G ethanol production. Pooling our expertise to that of internal and external partners allowed us to develop a robust yeast able to express glucoamylase and reach higher yields than the industry standard for ethanol production.

Meeting the needs of our partners with a fast acting strain

Robust and performant yeast, even at high temperatures

Evolve™ Evergreen is a highly performant Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast with high robustness coming from its chassis: Ethanol Red®. Its reliability, even under a wide range of temperature (30-40°C / 86-104°F), allows our partners to perform consistent fermentations and to sustain plant performances, by limiting day-to-day disruptions.  

Superior glucoamylase (GA) expression

Through its enhanced metabolic capabilities, Evolve™ Evergreen’s glucoamylase expression enables a reduction of up to 50% exogenous GA. This allows for a smart management of inputs, which plays a role in the overall cost reduction of our partner plants.

High ethanol yield

With Evolve™ Evergreen, we allow our partners to reduce glycerol by-product production by 30%, even during fusel and sulfite stresses. This modified metabolic pathway gives a potential yield benefit to ethanol plants of up to 2%.

About Evolve™ Evergreen


Available in the USA and Thailand


Available in 10 kg box with 24 months shelf life from production date under recommended storage conditions

Initial yeast density in fermentation vessel of 5 – 10 million viable cells per milliliter (18 -36 billion viable cells per galon)