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Microorganism development and optimization for bio based solutions

What is the role of strain development in industrial biotechnology?

Microorganisms have an unbounded potential when it comes to converting bio-sourced feedstocks or industrial waste into bio-based molecules meeting every application’s standard. The selection, development and optimization of strains are inevitable to initiate any viable industrial process aiming at producing a bio-based compound.

As part of Lesaffre, we leverage our large bank of yeast, bacterial and fungal strains as well as our Biofoundry hosted in France. This allows for the screening and selection of the most relevant host adapted to industrial conditions. To meet the specific needs of microorganism development for the production of new bio-based molecules for green chemistry, we are able to develop strains with new functionalities – such as enzyme production or glycerol reduction. At Recombia Biosciences, a new entity founded in 2019 based on technology licensed from Stanford University and acquired by Lesaffre in 2022, we accelerate genetic modifications with the highest precision, while using proprietary techniques.

Facing industrial challenges through microorganism development

Reaching the best KPIs – yield, productivity, and titer – with a high production stability at industrial scale, despite the intrinsic variability of biotechnological processes is at the core of sustainable bio-based productions. Understanding this challenge, as well as the need to master industrial substrates while reducing the production of high-impact effluents, co-product, or residues, allows us to deliver viable and reliable microorganisms perfectly adapted to the conditions of a given process at industrial scale.

We combine multiple resources and skills to serve our partners in their bio-based journey: from a relevant strain bank to a broad range of applications in multiple fermentation industries and advanced R&D infrastructures.

“The development of the new Lesaffre Bioengineering Center of Excellence will support a powerful corn ethanol yeast pipeline and Leaf for years to come”
Head of Metabolic Engineering & Director of Biofoundry

Our microorganism solutions for industrial biotechnology

A wide variety of microorganisms

Fermentation processes in industrial biotechnology rely on yeast, bacteria and fungi. At the same time, the infinite power of fermentation opens the list of strain species beyond just those. For completing microorganism development, we draw on both our century-old tradition and the most modern resources and skills to bring your selected microorganism to fermentation on an industrial scale.

Bringing new properties to microorganisms

Producing bio-based molecules for green chemistry requires specific properties, that vary with the end application. Through state-of-the-art technologies and experienced team, we are able to meet the specific needs of our partner through strain selection, screening, and engineering.

Available under different physiologic states

To meet the needs of your application, we develop and provide your microorganism under the most adequate physiological state – perennial or sporulated.