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Contract fermentation for
industrial biotechnology

How is contract fermentation an opportunity for bio-based productions?

Pilot and commercial scales are often considered two distinct phases. In fermentation, products and processes are intimately connected and the transition from pilot to commercial scale should take this into account. Contract fermentation allows the production of your proprietary microorganism at commercial scale, thanks to the required expertise and knowledge. The obtained cells will then either be used to seed fermenters, on the designated industrial site, for the production of the bio-based molecule of interest or formulated to be sold.

Our approach to contract fermentation applies to any and all microorganisms, regardless of their state – liquid or solid-state fermentation -, engineered or not. Covering all formats – liquid, compressed, or dry – through our network of infrastructures, we produce at scale with all the quality parameters corresponding to the specifications to be reached.

Industrial fermentation challenges for bio-based production

Relying on contract manufacturing when it comes to your bio-based production ensures having access to commercial quantities in a controlled time frame. However, challenges tend to lie in the quality of the product, as well as in the compliance to set requirements and reliability of the partner.

With your challenges in mind, we verify your specifications’ achievement on the pilot sample, and on the scaling-up of the process for industrial production. Our contract manufacturing services leverage our experience as Lesaffre and the most recent advances in science, technology, and engineering to reach your expected quality and format.

Lesaffre technology and plants network supporting sustainable productions

Extensive experience in industrial microorganism production

Relying on Lesaffre’s centenary skills and expertise, we support our partners in completing their bio-based productions. Every microorganism produced is supported by our advanced technical expertise, quality policy and global control.

Global network of industrial facilities delivering under various formats

Benefiting from the Group’s global presence, we support you from our network of industrial facilities. We can guarantee deliveries under specific formatsdry, compressed, or cream -, within your specific timeframe, and anticipate potential challenges, thanks to our extensive production experience.

A broad range of conditionings suiting your needs

To support you in completing your production, we are able to deliver your microorganism under different conditionings: from small vacuum bags to 10kg boxes, we also offer drums, IBC, and others. This flexibility as contract manufacturer allows the delivery of your production to the designated industrial plant the right way.