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Technical support to improve ethanol production efficiency

By working in continuous collaboration with you, our team of industrial experts is able to support you with a technical approach based on scientific method. Starting from your process, we diagnose deviations and establish a baseline of your process. By defining a performance improvement project together, we are able to work on the refinement of KPIs – ethanol yield, plant productivity or energy savings. Thanks to an established goal and the suitable data, our technical experts can formulate custom recommendations to reach maximum efficiency.

We are dedicated to support your action throughout the implementation of these recommendations with our extensive range of on-site and off-site solutions.


We can train your staff – operators, process engineers, etc. – on fermentation topics such as yeast rehydration, nutrition, and process parameters optimization.


We perform an in-depth analysis of your production data to identify improvement tracks to reach optimum performances.


We work together with your team to optimize fermentation process parameters, such as temperature, pH, nutrition, propagation time, etc.

Trouble shooting

In case of difficulties during the fermentation process, we support you in solving the issues.

Contamination management

Using our expertise in microbiology, we can work together to reduce the level of contamination of your ethanol plant.

Advanced services

We are able to provide a variety of services to tackle your plant’s specific challenges that might require more in-depth investigation.

A comprehensive range of products

Bio ethanol

Our local experts and high-performance yeasts help you in capturing the greatest value from your region’s substrates. By understanding your specificities and needs, we help you grow and maximize the performance of your industrial ethanol production.

Cellulosic ethanol production

We address the specific challenges of cellulosic ethanol with our high-performance yeasts for industrial-scale cellulosic ethanol production. Our extensive knowledge allows us to support you in your full-scale ethanol productions from cellulosic feedstocks.

Nutrition for ethanol production

Maintaining consistent, low variability fermentation could be a challenge in ethanol production and plays a significant role in the plant bottom line. That is why we support you to define your nutritional needs and select the best nutritional ingredient.


Green Lab
a state-of-the-art center to reach optimum ethanol production

Our application center, Green Lab, conducts fermentation trials and analytical activities to meet our partners’ demands. From troubleshooting to fermentation optimization and nutritional recommendations, our Green Lab team supports both our business and customer-oriented activities.