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Green Lab, our application center

the green lab team working for leaf

The Green Lab

Our fermentation application center, Green Lab, is established in the heart of the corn-belt, close to Lesaffre’s multipurpose, state-of-the-art yeast and nutrition plant and global pilot plant. Green Lab’s strategic location allows us to serve our partners worldwide. Day-to-day the team conducts fermentation trials and analytical activities to meet our partners’ demands, address their challenges and to identify improvement potentials.

The Green Lab, as a true center of expertise, coordinates lab activities performed in a broad network of both internal and external laboratories. By being globally close to the industry, we provide both proximity and assertiveness to our customers’ demands of today and tomorrow.

Meet the
Green Lab team

The Green Lab adopts a modern and flexible team structure. At Green Lab, we combine our fully dedicated technical director, application scientist and research associate inside our installations, with a team of experts providing assistance to our customers. The Green Lab team gathers extensive experience in fermentation, pretreatment and processing of biomass, analytical instrumentation techniques, specific analysis and optimization efforts.

Being thoroughly integrated into this extensive network of internal labs, Green Lab gathers the necessary expertise to solve our partner’s pressing needs in industrial fermentation. This workflow is part of our global approach and allows us to have a broad vision of industrial fermentation.

“Each year, we conduct over a 1,000 fermentation trials in the Green Lab, along with analytical method development for measuring crucial fermentation metabolites. Our primary goal is to provide technical support to our partners and clients by assisting with fermentation troubleshooting and optimization”

Application Scientist

Portrait of Molly Sproston, Application Scientist in the Green Lab

Application service center

Be it for ethanol plants or in industrial biotechnologies, fermentation performances and yield are critical success factors. Taking innovations and even minor process optimizations to scale demands extreme care and clear risk mitigation. Green Lab combines expertise to bring solutions at full-scale and to maximize our partner’s performances and results. Thanks to its state-of-the-art equipment, the Green Lab team is able to provide robust answers to our partners’ challenges and to perform trials to help them achieve production excellence in a broad spectrum of applications.

Innovation introduction
and commercial scale trials

Knowing trials are time-consuming and often come with risks for ethanol plants, Green Lab works to ease innovation introduction. Prior to commercial-scale trials, we can test yeast strains on our partners’ mash under conditions that mimic their plants’.

Thanks to these lab-scale fermentation trials, the Green Lab team is able to suggest parameters optimization– such as yeast dosage, nutrition, pH, temperature, etc.– to reveal the full potential of the product and achieve high performances.

Performing trials at Green Lab is the first step for a smooth innovation introduction in your plant.

Woman in a lab working on complex yeast nutrients for industrial ethanol production

Nutrition testing for optimal performance

Our Green Lab works to provide performance improvement pathways based on data issued from the study of raw materials. By working on nutrition optimization at lab-scale, we are able to help our partner increase their ethanol yield and productivity at full-scale.

Our team of qualified scientists will detect nutritional limitations in raw materials and identify which specific compounds are missing. By advising the right nutrition solution for fermentation, you will be able to reach optimal fermentation performance, decrease the variability of the process and have more stable operations.