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Lesaffre: working together
to better nourish and protect the planet

Lesaffre in a nutshell

A key global player in fermentation for more than a century, Lesaffre, with a 3 billion euro turnover, and established on all continents, counts 11,000 employees and more than 95 nationalities. On the strength of this experience and diversity, we work with customers, partners, and researchers to find ever more relevant answers to the needs of food, health, naturalness, and respect for our environment. Thus, every day, we explore and reveal the infinite potential of microorganisms.

To nourish 9 billion people, in a healthy way, in 2050 by making the most of our planet’s resources is a major and unprecedented issue. We believe that fermentation is one of the most promising answers to this challenge.

Our key figures

Solutions distributed in
180 countries

63 applied
science centers

R,D&I Experts

Based in more
than 50 countries

production sites

Lesaffre’s ambition is to use fermentation every day for a healthier and more sustainable world. At Leaf and Lesaffre, we push our limits with passion to explore the infinite potential of microorganisms and fermentation.

The Group’s mission “Working together to better nourish and protect the planet” structures its commitments around three pillars:

CSR People_Green

caring about people

The human being is at the heart of our business. Respect, trust, and safety guide our relationships with our employees and all other players in our environment.

CSR Earth_Green
Activities that are sustainable by nature

Being a key global player in fermentation for more than a century, we work to find ever more relevant answers to the needs of food, health, and respect for our environment. Lesaffre activities are indeed dedicated to better nourish and protect the planet.

CSR Environment_Green

Caring about the environment

Our activities are part of an obvious eco-system. We produce with the will to reduce our impact on the environment: energy savings, treatment of our wastewater, reduction, or reconversion of our waste.

Global presence and
industrial network

For over 170 years, Lesaffre has been working with passion and expertise on the formidable properties of fermentation. From alcohol production in 1853, Lesaffre expanded its areas of expertise to new markets: baking and food, then health and well-being and more recently biotechnology. The range of microorganisms it works with has enriched over the years, as has the company’s geographical footprint. This expansion has been possible thanks to the strong and long-lasting relationships built with partners. In each region, Lesaffre has grown along with its customers and distributors and incorporates both a global reach and a local sensibility into its personalized customer-oriented approach.

As a business unit of Lesaffre, our supply chain relies on the Group’s global presence and local expertise to provide customers with the best products and services possible. With a large production network across the planet, we can guarantee proximity, anticipate potential challenges, and react quickly. Our dedicated customer service specialists, supported by modern digital tools, provide excellent service, track shipments through to final delivery and guarantee service continuity. Every order we deliver carries our commitment for on-time, in full, high-performance products, with a competitive price.

Industrial excellence
and quality

For over a century, Lesaffre has been honing its skills and forging unparalleled expertise in developing the highest quality fermentation products. With decades of experience and a multi-local presence, the Group has the global reach and local awareness to provide services tailored to each customer’s specific needs. Today, two-thirds of Lesaffre’s employees work in its 80 manufacturing facilities, producing thousands of tons of yeast every day for distribution around the world.

As part of Lesaffre, optimizing our processes while reducing our environmental impact is at the heart of our daily actions. That is why Lesaffre has introduced and implemented a policy for managing and improving its industrial facilities, with a focus on sustainable development and environmental responsibility. For instance, this environmental policy allowed the Group to return up to 83% of the water consumed in its manufacturing processes to nature after treatment.

Whatever the end use of the microorganisms or fermentation products, their production is supported by Leaf and Lesaffre’s advanced technical expertise and global control and assurance quality policy. The management program deployed in all subsidiaries, and supported by Lesaffre’s control laboratories, meets the most stringent requirements, and enables us to produce stable and consistent products, while ensuring product traceability and optimal levels of health and quality.

“We are constantly developing our systems and procedures to meet the most stringent quality regulations. Our methods are standardized, so that the quality, stability, and performance of our products are the same in all regions of the world. Quality isn’t a demonstration. It is a propensity. Good quality, High performance!”

Group quality manager
in charge of Leaf activities

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