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Industrial fermentation:
a multitude of applications

Fostering symbiosis
between land and cities

At Leaf, we are passionate about accelerating the transition to the bioeconomy. We push boundaries to reveal the full potential of fermentation and develop industrial microorganisms and processes that allow renewable productions.

This bioeconomy we are striving for is expected to remediate environmental and health challenges, by promoting synergies between agricultural and industrial regions. In fact, in a sustainable and circular bio-based economy, the renewable resources such as agricultural and forestry biomass are processed and transformed locally where they have grown to avoid transportation. It creates jobs, brings social security, and increases the value creation in rural areas. Smart use of biomass can also lead to new products or to improved versions of traditional fossil-based products, that could have higher performances, lower toxicity, or new functionalities. Anyhow, bio-sourced innovations reduce our dependence on fossil resources and limit the release of fossil greenhouse gas into the atmosphere. In this sense, bio-based alternatives offer urban and industrial centers a solution to curb pollution peaks and tackle climate change on a global level We understand the bioeconomy will need strong and high performing suppliers. That is why, at Leaf we partner with our customers and put our capabilities at their service to constantly improve profitability and plant performance, regardless of the application field of fermentation.

Applications of fermentation

Fermentation is one of the key enabling technologies to sustain a new bio-based and sustainable economy. During the fermentation process, microorganisms convert biomass sugars into bio-based molecules that are used in a wide range of applications. Fermentation is a millennial process. However, thanks to the development of knowledge and advanced technologies, the possibilities of innovation are infinite and cost effective. Thus, industrial applications of fermentation are expanding consistently and demand a solid and expert partner.

At Leaf, we are structured to bring your novel fermentation application to industrial scale and market reality.

Bioenergy & biofuels

Renewable production of energy and fuels such as bioethanol, biodiesel, sustainable aviation fuels and biogas.


Microorganisms and bio-based molecules used in crop protection, soils bioremediation, and wastewater treatment.

Biopolymers & biomaterials

Sustainable bio-sourced monomers, polymers and performance materials including resins, chemicals, solvents, bioplastics and biocomposites.


Bio-based, fermented ingredients and microorganisms for beauty, cosmetic and personal care products.

Household & surfactants

Biodegradable and low toxicity bio-based surfactants like industrial and household detergents, softeners, dishwashing products.

Pulp & paper

Biotransformation of lignocellulosic feedstocks through the use of microorganisms or enzymes to extract molecules of interest and high added value from different biomasses, in a more selective and eco-friendly way.


Innovative enzymatic processes or bio-based fibers, silks, dyes to produce sustainable fabrics being used in the clothing, fashion, upholstery, or medical industries.


Microorganisms and biomaterials for a sustainable building industry including concrete, cement, bricks, insulation, timber.