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Fermentation process development
for bio-based productions

What is the role of fermentation process development in industrial biotechnology?

While fermentation is widely used in bio-based production process, sustainably producing different compounds remains a challenging demand. Fermentation process development was often considered an art and having the necessary combination of expertise and experience across different scales persists.

Developing a fermentation process requires experimental planning around raw materials and process parameters, combined to analytical monitoring to ensure reaching set KPIs and guaranteeing a durable regularity of production. Relying on our group’s technical expertise, equipment, and robots, we are able to perform continuous measurement tests on complex experimental designs, with many simultaneous fermentations.

Facing industrial constraints in fermentation process development

The challenges of fermentation process development are coupled to processes’ industrial constraints: that includes plants’ designs, feedstocks availability – that is often dictated by the location -, or economic viability.

Recognizing the challenges of developing a viable and stable fermentation process, we draw upon our experience of serving industrial customers across the globe to understand your specific needs, while bringing new insights and learning from other realities. Our approach starts from your end-in-mind, to ensure the fermentation process we develop works consistently in each and all of its steps, based on our process excellence and confirmations on increasing scales of fermentation.

“Building on 170 years’ experience in industrial fermentation, LESAFFRE R&D&I is constantly improving its methodology and becomes every time more relevant to its customers’ needs and production processes. This makes sure that our innovative strains and process solutions will generate the desirable value.”
Head of Fermentation

Our fermentation process development solutions for industrial biotechnology

Optimized fermentation process performances

Through a shared ambition of reaching excellence and creating value, we support you in addressing your industrial challenges with a robust and stable fermentation process.

Adapting the fermentation process to your industrial requirements

Our highly experienced team supports your designing a robust fermentation process tailored to your specific needs regarding raw materials, plant design and existing parameters.

A process book for each fermentation scale

Through our industry-oriented approach, we design and deliver a process book with critical scales in mind, considering key factors required for industrialization.