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Cellulosic ethanol:
our solutions for industrial scale production

Making ethanol from lignocellulosic feedstocks

Advanced biofuels, such as cellulosic ethanol, have been identified worldwide as key components in the decarbonization of the transportation sector; and a growing number of policy framework are encouraging their large-scale deployment. These fuels’ advantage is that they can be produced from a wide range of feedstocks available in abundance in countries where the economy is agriculture driven. It is an innovative way to capture additional value from agricultural or forestry co-products such as corn stover, wheat straw, wood, bagasse etc.



Wheat straw

Corn stover

Commercial scale deployment of cellulosic ethanol

The challenges of large-scale cellulosic ethanol production are severalfold. The first one being the supply of large quantities of raw materials throughout the year. However, under the impetus of favorable regulations, supply chains are being structured. A second challenge is the integration and optimization of all stages of the process to ensure industrial performance and profitability. There is a strong link between the pre-treatment, enzymatic hydrolysis, and fermentation stages. The fermentation toxicity must be limited so that yeasts can develop, and a specific care must be taken to work at a sufficient gravity to limit the energy consumption necessary for distillation. 

Recognizing these challenges and our ability to deliver functional industrial scale solutions, we are committed to working side-by-side with technology developers, technology providers and cellulosic ethanol producers to support the deployment of the 2G ethanol technology in all regions of the world.

“Our global expertise allows us to meet the specific challenges of cellulosic ethanol fermentation with a high performance, stress tolerant yeast, available in the major world markets (Brazil, Europe, India and USA), under the dry format with a long shelf life.”

Sales Manager Europe,
Asia & Pacific

Product range for cellulosic ethanol production


CelluX™ is a GMO strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae that has been developed for the cellulosic ethanol industry. With a strong inhibitors’ tolerance, CelluX strain demonstrates the ability to resist stresses and maintains higher cell viability during fermentations of hydrolyzed cellulosic material. By derisking the fermentation of cellulosic hydrolysates, Leaf is proud to contribute to the industrial development of cellulosic ethanol production.

Ethanol Red®

Ethanol Red® is the industry standard in biofuel production. In cellulosic ethanol production processes, Ethanol Red® tolerates well the inhibitors present in C6-rich lignocellulosic hydrolysates and provides high ethanol productivity.