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Nutritional ingredients
for ethanol production: our solutions

Macro- and micronutrition for ethanol production

As ingredients for ethanol production, macro- and micronutrients play a major part in the efficiency and viability of industrial ethanol production. Broadly, most yeasts used in the production process of ethanol have similar nutrient requirements for biomass and energy production. Yeast requirements is linked to its chemical composition: C47H6.3O33N8P1.2Salts4.5. Nutrition is partially obtained from the feedstock, not only for sugar and starch, but also for macro- and micronutrients. The composition of feedstocks varies depending on their genetics, on the soil and weather conditions, on its storage, etc. All these inevitable variations in feedstock characteristics and quality, as well as process fluctuations, lead to inconsistent nutrient concentrations.

Optimal yeast nutrition requires that all macronutrients – carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus sources – and micronutrients – vitamin, fatty acids, metal ions, etc. – be available in quantities allowing yeast growth and ethanol production.

As an example, in industrial fermentation processes, the nitrogen available in feedstock is very often limited compared to the need of the yeast.

Supplementation with ingredients containing nitrogen enhances the robustness of the ethanol production process.

Addressing nutrition deficiencies to increase yield and secure fermentations

At Leaf, we understand our partners’ goal is to maintain their profitability through secure fermentations and increases in yields. Like any industrial process, ethanol production comes with high costs, with feedstocks and energy generating major expenses. Thus, the optimization of every stage of your production is crucial to reduce feedstock waste and energy expenditure.

Considering these challenges, we support you in addressing nutrient deficiencies, to maintain stable and consistent operations. Our comprehensive range of complex yeast nutrients, coupled with our expertise in fermentation is developed to support you in mitigating yeast stress, low yeast growth rates and incomplete fermentations by ensuring the bioavailability of nutritional ingredients for ethanol production.

We recognize our partners’ need to maintain stable operations that achieve consistent results. At Leaf, we utilize not only our experience at the plant level, but also our extensive understanding of fermentation and yeast needs to enable optimal organism function within a wide array of operating conditions.

Technical Service Representative,
North America

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Ingredients for ethanol production,
a comprehensive nutrition range

Propaide™ Complete

Propaide™ Complete is a complex yeast nutrient formula based on the synergies of nitrogen, minerals, and vitamins. Propaide™ Complete was specifically developed to increase performance in industrial fermentation grain mashes.

Propaide™ Grow

Propaide™ Grow is a complex yeast nutrient formula based on the synergies of nitrogen, minerals, and vitamins. Propaide™ Grow was specifically developed to enhance cell cycle completion and increase budding rate.

Propaide™ Secure

Propaide™ Secure is a complex yeast nutrient formula based on the synergies of nitrogen, minerals, and vitamins. Propaide™ Secure was specifically developed to maximize yeast growth and support cell structure in oxidatively stressed environments.