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Propaide™ Grow

A complex yeast nutrient dedicated to propagation


Propaide™ Grow was specifically developed to maximize yeast growth and reproduction.

Leaf and Procelys teams have pooled their expertise in industrial fermentation to develop the Propaide™ product range. Procelys’ know-how in fermentation nutrition, together with Leaf’s knowledge of industrial ethanol production, has enabled us to better address the yeast’s needs in terms of micro and macro nutrition. The result is a complex yeast nutrient optimizing yeast growth conditions and thus increasing overall process performance through synergies of nitrogen, minerals and vitamins.

Analyzing a large number of propagation data at industrial scale, we designed a formula that maximizes the biomass production yield. Propaide™ Grow offers specific advantages during the multiplication of yeast: shorten the lag phase and boost the growth. Indeed, during growth phase, yeast has an increased need for assimilable nitrogen sources (amino acids, ammonium ions, nucleotides, peptides) in order to maximize division rate.

Maximizing biomass yield in propagation

Consistent yeast populations

Propaide™ Grow addition to propagation enhances cell cycle completion and increases budding rate in exponential phase. This way, yeast population is larger and consistent (genetically identical).

Improved cell wall quality

Propaide™ Grow contains key nutrients, giving the yeast cells access to lipids and sterols that are critical for building strong cell walls while lessening the need for cells to manufacture these components from the environment. With a stronger cell wall, yeast is more robust.

Shorter lag phase

Through a specific combination of micronutrients and vitamins, Propaide™ Grow accelerates yeast growth resulting in a reduced time needed for cells to be conditioning to the mash.

About Propaide™ Grow

Available in 50lbs (22,7kg) bag
24 months from production date under recommended storage conditions
3 lbs per 1000 gallons or 360g/m3 of mash