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Propaide™ Complete

A complex yeast nutrient dedicated to grain ethanol fermentation


Propaide™ Complete was specifically developed to increase performance in industrial fermentation grain mashes.

Leaf’s industrial fermentation experts and Procelys’ R&D team combined their skills to design Propaide™ products range. Procelys’ knowledge of yeast nutrients coupled with Leaf’s experience in industrial ethanol processes, gives the development team a broader and clearer view of yeast needs in macro- and micronutrients. The complex yeast nutrient formula, based on the synergies of nitrogen, minerals, and vitamins, offers new perspectives for the ethanol industry.

Based on the analysis of a large number of industrial mashes, we developed a formula that corrects the main deficiencies of grain feedstocks in trace elements, vitamins, and minerals. This complex yeast nutrient brings to the cell the supplementation of assimilable nitrogen and other basic nutrients required for cell survival and core cell processes. Propaide™ Complete ensures optimal flux of nutrients into the cell.

Addressing nutrition deficiencies in grain ethanol production

A well-balanced yeast nutrient package

Propaide™ Complete includes essential vitamins involved in almost all enzyme reactions that create the proteins, DNA, carbohydrates, and fatty acids yeast are made of. While minimal nutritional needs may suffice under normal operating conditions, they may not facilitate optimal performance or adequately equip yeast cells with the arsenal needed to endure and repair during fermentation stresses. Adding a well-balanced nutrient package lessens the impact of seasonal, geographical and storage conditions influencing nutrient quality of feedstocks.

Consistent fermentation performances

Consistent propagation and fermentation limits process variability, allows for stable operation, reliable quality of end products, thus improved bottom line.

Enhanced fermentation kinetics in grain ethanol production

Propaide™ Complete includes critical enzymes’ cofactors and bioavailable elements that stimulate fermentation kinetics in grain ethanol production.

About Propaide™ Complete

Available in 50lbs (22,7kg) bag
24 months from production date under recommended storage conditions
3 lbs per 1000 gallons or 360g/m3 of mash