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Success story – 10 years of collaboration with the Catalysts Group in India


India is the third largest petroleum consumer in the world. Growing population and rapid socio-economic development has spurred an increase in car transportation and gasoline consumption. Given limited domestic energy resources, most energy requirements are met through imports. That’s why since 2003, the Government of India mandated the use of 5% ethanol blend in petrol through its ambitious Ethanol Blending Program (EBP).

In 2011, Leaf entered into the industrial ethanol market in India and started a collaboration with the Catalysts Group. Leaf was convinced from the very start by Catalysts’ strong roots and notoriety in the distillery in India. The decision was made to cement this partnership by a distributorship agreement.
Working together as a team, we streamlined to excel in all the aspects of the supply chain to ensure our customers the reliability of supply. We continuously shared our respective knowledge: Leaf providing expertise on yeast and industrial ethanol production and Catalysts about the local specificities.

« This success story was made possible because of our team’s approach of providing value added technical support to distillers in India, being backed by un-matched product quality and excellent training provided by Leaf. »
Munish Madaan, Managing Director, The Catalysts Group

Through the years, Ethanol Red® and Leaf’s global fermentation approach became the standard in the Indian starch-based industrial ethanol market.

To reach the objective of 10% ethanol blend in gasoline in 2022 and 30% in 2030, the indian ethanol industry looks at improved processes efficiency and new feedstocks solutions such surplus grain or cellulosic feedstocks (rice straw, corn stover, bagasse and bamboo). The Leaf-Catalysts team will continue to partner with the industry players to achieve the highest performances while reducing the environmental impact.

Focus on the Catalysts Group

Founded in 2003 in India, The Catalysts Group is an Indian Biotechnology company, focused on offering wide range of enzyme based eco-friendly solutions to many industry verticals in India and Overseas. The company leverages latest technology trends and disruptive approach to create process-based enzyme formulation. The goal is to provide measurable outcomes to its customers, across industries and sectors by offering a gamut of enzymes solutions, from strategy to execution.


Over 17 years, Catalysts is well on its way to become a global brand in the Industrial Biotechnology space in this decade. With a reach already spanning 3 continents, 10+ countries and 400+ cities globally and a clientele that’s rich in industry-leading companies, the company has traversed the evolution from an Indian to an Asian and soon a Global company. Catalysts is focused on generating employment opportunities through manufacturing and delivering centers across globe and focusing on safeguarding the environment.

For more information, visit Catalysts website.