Aurore Chopat joins Leaf as Sales Administrator for EMEA & Asia

Leaf Sales Administrator Aurore Chopat

It gives us immense pleasure to welcome on board Aurore Chopat, who joined Leaf in June 2022 as Leaf’s Sales Administrator for Europe, Middle East, Africa & Asia With a Bachelor’s Degree in International Management, Aurore gathered extensive experience in the administration of sales through several past positions. In her role at Leaf, Aurore is responsible […]

Fueling a sustainable future with 1G ethanol

1g ethanol bioethanol tank

Bioethanol – also called 1G ethanol or conventional ethanol – is a biofuel from organic material, ranging from multiple grain crops, to agricultural and agro-industrial waste. This organic material is collectively known as biomass: the main feedstock used in producing bioethanol. For comparison purposes, fossil fuels such as oil, coal and gas are the remnants […]

What is cellulosic ethanol? Production, challenges & opportunities of 2G ethanol

photo of a 2g ethanol biorefinry surrounded by sugarcane fields

Cellulosic ethanol, also referred to as “2G ethanol”, “second-generation” or “advanced biofuel” is ethanol produced from a plant fiber called cellulose. Cellulose makes up the cell wall of plant cells, it is a polymer consisting of glucose molecules linked in a long chain, often with various chemical modifications. Humans and most domestic animals cannot digest […]

Chloé Marteel joins Leaf as Communication Officer

Leaf Communication Officer Chloe Marteel

It gives us great pleasure to welcome on board Chloé Marteel, who joined Leaf in September 2021 as Leaf’s Communication Officer! With a Master’s Degree in Digital and Business Communication, Chloé has built her experience in global and digital communication and press relations through several past positions. In her role at Leaf, Chloé leads the […]

Industrial sustainability: solutions and technologies

Industrial sustainability plant production ethanol

It seems that no matter where you look, somebody is talking about sustainability: from recycling to sustainable sourcing to industrial sustainability, etc. And for good reason. According to the latest research, much of the world will see average temperatures increase by between 1.5 and 5 degrees Celsius relative to today by 2050. But the risk […]

Success story – Working with KBK Biotech to increase distillery’s efficiency

In 2019, KBK Biotech started a grain-based distillery with a 69 KLPD operation capacity. It was commissioned with Ethanol Red®.  KBK Biotech has for main objective to increase Fermentation Efficiency. From the beginning of this collaboration, our  technical service team committed to create further value in order to maximize KBK Biotech’s profitability through continuous […]

Romain Fromanger is appointed Industrial Fermentation Expert for Europe and Asia

It gives us immense pleasure to announce that Romain Fromanger has been appointed Industrial Fermentation Expert for Europe and Asia. After being Leaf’s Technical Sales Manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa for over 7 years, Romain is ready to take on new challenges to better serve our partners!   Thanks to his past experience, […]

The Green Lab, a place of knowledge and expertise

In the heart of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where Lesaffre holds its Industrial Pilot Plant, the Green Lab was established in December 2017. Since then, we have been carrying out lab scale fermentation trials, driving optimization efforts in propagation and fermentation to improve yield and productivity, and studying stress factors affecting fermentation, with the ambition of […]

Sustainable materials – strong corporate ambitions driving innovation

Numerous industrial groups are setting ambitious goals to reduce their environmental footprint. Most often, this involves reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, but some go further by aiming for 100% sustainable production.  This is, for instance, the case of LEGO which aims to make all its bricks sustainable by 2030, without compromising quality or safety. Michelin also wants to significantly increase the sustainable materials rate in its products: 40% […]