How to perform optimal ethanol fermentation? 7 key points

optimal ethanok fermentation tanks

Producing industrial ethanol requires careful attention to detail and a thorough understanding of the fermentation process. Optimal ethanol fermentation can be achieved through various optimization factors: choice of the yeast, fine tuning of process parameters, contamination control, and so on. 1. Selecting the right yeast strain Different yeast strains have different abilities to ferment various […]

Viviane Serpa Muller joins Leaf as Global Innovation Manager

Leaf Global Innovation Manager portrait

We are beyond proud to welcome Viviane Serpa Muller as part of our team. Viviane joined in January 2023 as Leaf’s Global Innovation Manager. Through her position at Leaf, Viviane will coordinate internal and external innovation projects. She will support our growth and represent Leaf to create meaningful partnerships. With her Master’s Degree in Biotechnology […]

Industrial fermentation: its contribution to the bioeconomy and renewable chemistry

Industrial Fermentation for the Bioeconomy

In 2021, the equivalent of 1.7 planets has been used to satisfy our production and consumption needs1. Faced with this type of alarming observation, CSR issues are fortunately carrying more and more weight in companies. Thus, many industrial sectors are reconsidering their methods in sourcing, production, or transport to develop more sustainable and sounder ecosystems. […]

Maud Lescroart joins Leaf as Technical Sales Manager for Europe, Middle East & Africa

Leaf Technical Sales Manager Maud Lescroart Portrait

We are extremely grateful to welcome Maud Lescroart as part of our team. Maud joined in September 2022 as Leaf’s Technical Sales Manager for Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Through her position at Leaf, Maud will nurture our existing and future partnerships by providing our peers with technical support and ensuring best-in-class industrial performances. In […]

Success story – Working with VERTEX Bioenergy to support a more sustainable future

VERTEX Bioenergy Success Story with Leaf

For over ten years, we have been partnering with VERTEX Bioenergy on fermentation performance improvement to reach a shared goal of sustainably producing biofuels.  Brought together by common values, we have established a close partnership with VERTEX Bioenergy plants to work on high-performance high gravity fermentations and yeast nutrition optimization pathways. For a decade, we […]

Fueling a sustainable future with 1G ethanol

1g ethanol bioethanol tank

Bioethanol – also called 1G ethanol or conventional ethanol – is a biofuel from organic material, ranging from multiple grain crops, to agricultural and agro-industrial waste. This organic material is collectively known as biomass: the main feedstock used in producing bioethanol. For comparison purposes, fossil fuels such as oil, coal and gas are the remnants […]

What is cellulosic ethanol? Production, challenges & opportunities of 2G ethanol

photo of a 2g ethanol biorefinry surrounded by sugarcane fields

Cellulosic ethanol, also referred to as “2G ethanol”, “second-generation” or “advanced biofuel” is ethanol produced from a plant fiber called cellulose. Cellulose makes up the cell wall of plant cells, it is a polymer consisting of glucose molecules linked in a long chain, often with various chemical modifications. Humans and most domestic animals cannot digest […]

Industrial sustainability: solutions and technologies

Industrial sustainability plant production ethanol

It seems that no matter where you look, somebody is talking about sustainability: from recycling to sustainable sourcing to industrial sustainability, etc. And for good reason. According to the latest research, much of the world will see average temperatures increase by between 1.5 and 5 degrees Celsius relative to today by 2050. But the risk […]

Chloé Marteel joins Leaf as Communication Officer

Leaf Communication Officer Chloe Marteel

It gives us great pleasure to welcome on board Chloé Marteel, who joined Leaf in September 2021 as Leaf’s Communication Officer! With a Master’s Degree in Digital and Business Communication, Chloé has built her experience in global and digital communication and press relations through several past positions. In her role at Leaf, Chloé leads the […]

Success story – Working with KBK Biotech to increase distillery’s efficiency

In 2019, KBK Biotech started a grain-based distillery with a 69 KLPD operation capacity. It was commissioned with Ethanol Red®.  KBK Biotech has for main objective to increase Fermentation Efficiency. From the beginning of this collaboration, our  technical service team committed to create further value in order to maximize KBK Biotech’s profitability through continuous […]