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Success story – Working with Cosun Beet to maximize beet ethanol production


Logo of Cosun Beet Company Anklam

Since 2015, the teams of Cosun Beet’s Anklam biorefinery are working with our Sales & Technical teams to maximize their ethanol production from beet substrates in Germany. Since then, we have been supplying our Safdistil™ Plus yeast product and supporting their production through our continuous improvement approach.

From the beginning of this collaboration, our technical team committed to creating further value, to maximize the plant’s profitability through productivity, yield, and titer increases.

Overcoming the challenges of beet substrates

For almost ten years of partnership, we have explored different technical matters with Cosun Beet’s teams at the Anklam biorefinery. We optimized yeast growth with a steady propagation study, resulting in minimal contaminants concentration. We have also worked on the reduction of coproducts during fermentation, allowing a decrease in acetaldehyde production. To go a step further, we executed several tests to tackle nutrition during propagation and fermentation throughout the beet campaign – depending on the juice quality. This resulted in optimized nutrition before, during, and after the campaign, thanks to a balance of trace elements and vitamin addition.

Successful results allowed by a strong partnership

The long-term success of this partnership relies on the trust, reactivity, and expertise of both parties. Our product knowledge and industrial experience, coupled with the rich process knowledge of Cosun Beet’s production teams allowed the plant to maintain fermentation performance, during the full beet campaign – and to sustainably improve KPIs.

“Leaf supported us when we turned our sugar factory into a biorefinery – they were here to bring our ideas to life! Leaf’s team brought the highest performance to our production and has since remained available to support our production, we found great synergies working together. Now that we are looking to diversify, even if it is a long way, we are hopeful that we will continue our partnership.”

– Daniel Fink, Production Manager

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