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The benefits of complex yeast nutrients for your industrial ethanol production


Yeast nutrition is a key factor in the productivity and viability of industrial ethanol production. In such production processes, reaching the highest yields, securing fermentations, and improving consistency are essential conditions to achieve operational gains and remain viable.

From individual nutrition to complex yeast nutrient packages

Woman in a lab working on complex yeast nutrients for industrial ethanol production

Historically, industrial ethanol producers have been testing their mashes for any nutrient deficiencies. Identifying and offsetting nutrient deficiencies mitigates fermentation stresses, and thus poor yeast health or incomplete fermentations. From the conclusions drawn by nutrition tests, nutrients would then be added one by one during fermentation, to balance deficiencies and increase yields. Research and innovation led to the development of complex yeast nutrientsproprietary blends of vitamins, minerals, and yeast derivatives – to overcome the limits of individual nutrients addition and to reach consistent and performant fermentations.

Complementary benefits of complex yeast nutrients

A support for yeast metabolism with ideal nutrient ratios

When it comes to yeast nutrition, exceeding optimal amounts of macro- and micronutrients may inhibit optimal ethanol yields. Contrary to adding individual nutrients in fermentation, using a complex yeast nutrients package preserves yeast metabolism by providing the proper ratio of vitamins and minerals. This prevents competitive inhibition of  vitamins and minerals that can interfere with yeast metabolic processes and hinder fermentation performance.

Bioavailable micro- and macronutrients

Even in the right ratio, nutrients may not be utilized by the yeast if they are not bioavailable. By definition, bioavailability is the rate and extent to which the active nutrient is absorbed from the medium and used by yeasts in their metabolism. Thus, nutrients are required to be bioavailable for yeasts to metabolize them. While coming up with the right nutrients recipe can be done through nutrition testing, making sure all nutrients are added under the right form remains a challenge. In that aspect, complex yeast nutrients provide bioavailable nutrients for yeast to metabolize.

optimal ethanol fermentation yeast choice

Anticipated needs thanks to complex yeast nutrients

Complex yeast nutrients also include nutrients that producers may not automatically consider nor test for when sending their raw materials or mashes for nutrient profile testing. In order to know exactly what nutrients are coming into fermentation from the feedstock, producers would need to complete tests daily. Implementing such testing would be both time and money-consuming, and may not even include all nutrients necessary for complete and stable fermentations.

In that aspect, complex yeast nutrients anticipate the yeast’s needs, by including additional materials that might not be considered otherwise. For instance, yeast derivates contribute as crucial factors for robustness and stress-protection of the yeast.

Comprehensive nutrition solutions to support industrial ethanol fermentations

Acting as health packages for yeast in fermentation, complex yeast nutrients are cost-effective solutions to address nutrient deficiencies and reach consistent and performant fermentations. In an attempt to preserve yeast’s potential, we have drawn upon our expertise in yeast nutrition. Thanks to our experience in industrial fermentation, we designed proprietary blends of vitamins, minerals, and yeast derivatives.

Through the Propaide™ range of nutrition products for industrial ethanol production, we provide our partners with the right nutrition to target different goals and mitigate nutrition deficiencies. From cell cycle completion, kinetics protection, overall yeast health and growth improvement, and providing additional stress defense, our complex yeast nutrients support industrial ethanol productions.