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Molly Sproston joins Leaf as Research Associate at Green Lab


It gives us immense pleasure to welcome on board Molly Sproston, who has joined Lesaffre on October 2020 at Cedar Rapids, IA, USA as Research Associate at Green Lab, Leaf’s application laboratory.


Discover Molly through her 6 questions portrait

10 – Can you briefly explain your work position?

I work in Green lab in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and we conduct application trials to understand and evaluate the performance of Leaf products (yeast, nutritional product) under various fermentation process conditions used at ethanol plants. We have recently added more analytical instruments and fermenters to the lab, so we are also in the process of completing method development for various new analyses and conducting larger scale fermentations.

2 – What was the destination of your last trip?

My last trip before the Covid-19 pandemic was to the Florida Keys. It was nice to enjoy a relaxing vacation in a beautiful place before the pandemic.

8 – What motivates you in your work?

Some of my biggest motivations are to learn new things, solve problems, and help make a difference in the world. It is important to me to feel like I am making a positive impact with the work I do.

15 – What are you most proud of?

There have been many proud moments throughout my career, but one of my proudest moments was receiving my master’s degree from The University of Georgia. It was a great accomplishment to finish my research project, complete a thesis, and pass my defense. At the time, this was one of my biggest goals, and it was great to know that I had successfully completed the challenge.

18 – What is your favorite movie?

Interstellar is one of my favorite movies. I thought it was creative, and the scientific concepts behind the story were very interesting.

22 – What do you like most about teamwork?

I think it is a wonderful opportunity to learn from others and hear their perspectives on how to complete a common goal. It is always a rewarding experience when a team’s knowledge comes together to enhance a project and make it successful.