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Furqan Ali joins Leaf as Technical Service Representative India



We are proud to welcome on board Furqan Ali, who joined Leaf in October 2023  as Technical Service Representative for India!

Furqan holds a Ph.D. in Biotechnology specialized in Medical and Industrial Microbiology. Furqan built his experience working as Scenior Scientist and R&D Manager in biotechnology, fermentation, and microbiology departments.

In his role, Furqan provides technical service in India, to support our partners in achieving their objectives. He takes care of training sessions, data collection, and  providing expert technical guidance.

Learn more about Furqan, Technical Service Representative for Leaf, in his portrait

  • If you were a microorganism, what would you be?

Furqan: “I’d be a probiotic yeast. I aim to serve as a tool in the defense against animal, human, and plant patogenes causing diseases!”

  • Can you briefly explain your work position?

Furqan: “As Technical Service Representative, my role is to create value to our partners by deploying Leaf’s technical tools and industrial performances improvements.”

  • What was your favorite subject during your school years?

Furqan: “Biology, more specifically cell biology: the field that studies the structure, function, and behavior of cells.”

  • What is your contribution to the planet’s protection?

Furqan: “Sugarcane! Beyond my personal fondness for sweet tastes, sugarcane stands out for its high sugar content, making it an efficient source of fermentable sugars. Moreover, it serves as an energy-efficient feedstock that plays a vital role as an agricultural commodity that supports local economies, creates job opportunities, and improves the livelihoods of many people.”

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