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Success story – Working with PSC Starch Products to trial our Evolve™ Evergreen product


For 60 years, PSC Starch Products has been a prominent figure in the cassava and starch sugar industry. With their vision of the starch & sugar industry and their strong commitment to develop their business, PSC Group has become the leader in the starch & sugar industry with world-class standard operations today, one of their five activities being ethanol production.  As one of Thailand’s most advanced ethanol producers, PSC Starch Products was the perfect partner to trial our Evolve™ Evergreen product.

We have been partnering with PSC Starch Products to conduct industrial trials of Evolve™ Evergreen. This collaboration has allowed us to demonstrate the effectiveness of our product on cassava feedstocks at industrial scale. PSC’s monitoring capabilities and cutting-edge equipment, coupled with our team’s product application expertise, have been critical to the success of our trials in Thailand.

To ensure the success of the trial and meet PSC’s high standards, we collaborated closely with their production team to align on the expected outcomes and come up with an action plan on how to implement Evolve™ Evergreen into their current fermentation process conditions.

Successful results, allowed by a first-class partner

The trials delivered remarkable results, as Evolve™ Evergreen exhibited a yield improvement of approximately 2%, when compared to baseline product. The increase in yield can be directly attributed to a 40% reduction in glycerol production. These results, factored with the 50% reduction in exogenous glucoamylase, clearly outbalances the extra cost of yeast. These results showcase the raw value generated at PSC Starch Products’ ethanol plant under standard trial conditions, without further enhancements in fermentation process conditions.

Going forward, we will work hand-in-hand with PSC’s production team to refine and improve the performances of Evolve™ Evergreen and generate more value, with fine tuning of process conditions like pre-fermentation, fermentation temperature, osmotic pressure, and nutrition.

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