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Meet Delphine Skopinski, Leaf’s Regulatory Affairs Manager



We are proud to highlight our Regulatory Affairs Manager, Delphine Skopinski, who has been a part of Leaf since December 2019.

Delphine manages Leaf’s Regulatory Affairs, supporting our development strategy by promoting market access for new products and solutions. Along with her team, she develops and implements regulatory strategies to help Leaf reach its goals, in line with the expectations of local competent authorities.

Daily, Delphine draws upon her 15-year experience to provide the appropriate regulatory support to Leaf as a whole, and especially in our product development and commercialization efforts. She also advises our partners in their regulatory efforts to facilitate conformity in the use of our products.

Learn more about Delphine, Regulatory Affairs Manager for Leaf in her portrait

  • What is your school background?

Delphine:I have a scientific background: I am a Pharm D with a master’s degree in industrial and environmental toxicology.”

  • What do you most like about your position?

Delphine:Being in contact with persons from different backgrounds, from Lesaffre R&D experts helping me understanding our products’ development, Leaf’s marketing department for products launches, to Leaf’s customers who are using our innovative solutions.  The regulatory department is involved in most of the launch steps of every new product. It’s very interesting, and there’s never a dull moment!”

  • What would you like to bring to our partners?

Delphine:Working together, collaborate to clarify the very diverse regulatory frameworks and help each partner understand their local regulatory context.”

  • What was the destination of your last trip?

Delphine:Thailand in November 2023. I was meeting a customer with whom we have collaborated to supply our product. After several months of work, seeing Leaf’s cardboard boxes in their warehouse was very gratifying.”

  • What is your motto?

Delphine:Never give up” – a very useful mindset when it comes to successfully carrying out certain challenging regulatory projects!”

  • If you were a microorganism, what would you be?

Delphine:I would be a Saccharomyces cerevisiae able to synthetize a molecule of interest by fermentation, and thus replace the petro-sourced equivalent. But I’d be happy to be any other microorganism that contributes to protecting the planet.”

  • How do you spend your free time?

Delphine:I exercise regularly (running, hiking, yoga). I am also part of a theater troupe, and we perform plays for charities. I enjoy travelling for leisure very much and I do love discovering new food. Basically, I recharge my batteries far from regulations. This balance is essential for me to remain effective and relevant in my work.”

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