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Chris Deimerly joins Leaf as Laboratory Manager


Chris Deimerly Leaf Laboratory Manager

It gives us great pleasure to welcome on board Chris Deimerly, who joined Leaf in January 2023 as Leaf’s Laboratory Manager!

With a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Chris built his experience working as a Director of Quality Assurance for an extended periof of time, leading all quality functions – including lab testing, managing quality personnel, facility training, and audits.

In his role, Chris manages the Green Lab to guide and support the facility towards new discoveries, while assisting our partners.

Chris engages in the day-to-day functions of the lab, including project design and analysis. He assists in experiments with his extensive experience on lab equipment, while continuously scanning for improvement opportunities.

Learn more about Chris, Laboratory Manager for Leaf, in his portrait

  • What was the field of activity of your previous experiences?

Chris: “I was quality director, meaning that I built a quality system nearly from the ground up to meet requirements of external regulations – including the FDA.”

  • Can you tell us about your first day at Leaf?

Chris: “There was lots and lots of safety! I was very impressed with the program, it was very well thought out and modern!”

  • What motivates you in your work?

Chris: “If I have done something that day that has made life easier for someone else, then it is a good day for me. I strive to make improvements in my work and others, so we are better able to take on the next new challenge, and then focus on what is really important.”

  • What values are important to you? 

Chris: “Having worked in quality control and quality assurance, it would be trust and honesty. If I can not trust a perso to be honest in their data, then everything else just falls apart.”

  • What message would you like to pass on to future generations?

“Strive to make this world a better place for the generations to come.”

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