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Industrial fermentation for the bioeconomy

Industrial fermentation is a key technology for developing a sustainable industry and transitioning to the bioeconomy. Fermentation is based on living microorganisms, and a multitude of reactions and interactions are taking place at the same time between the microorganism and the process. This induces a complexity, making it more difficult to establish models in industrial fermentation: changes in kinetics, productivity, yield and final product’s quality will surely to occur in the process.  

A thorough knowledge of the process and production parameters’ adjustments possibilities can limit the impacts of fermentation variability. Introducing meaningful partnerships with our industrial fermentation experts can help you optimize your processes and push your plant’s limits to improve your industrial performances. 

The Green Lab,
our application center supporting players of the bioeconomy

Green Lab, our application center, supports both our business and customer-oriented activities to facilitate the bioeconomy. The Green Lab team gathers extensive experience in fermentation, pretreatment, and processing of various biomasses to bring about bio-based products, analytical instrumentation techniques, specific analysis, and optimization efforts. 

The Green Lab is thoroughly integrated in our global approach and allows us to serve industrials in their applications of fermentation, contributing to a growing bioeconomy.

Working together
to develop the bioeconomy

At Leaf we value collaboration. We work in synergy with our partners to combine our respective expertise to create long-term mutual benefits. We believe that trust and business ethics are the foundations of a strong and successful cooperation. We are your industrial fermentation partner for a sustainable tomorrow. Working together, we will push our boundaries, exceed your expectations and accelerate the transition to the bioeconomy.


A successful partnership resulting in higher fermentation efficiency

In 2019, KBK Biotech started a grain-based distillery commissioned with Ethanol Red®. Since then, our technical service team committed to create further value to maximize the plant’s fermentation efficiency through industrial performances improvements. With the collection of data, fine tuning of process parameters and the management of yeast stress, significant increase in fermentation efficiency has been achieved in the KBK Biotech distillery.

The distillery was able to achieve 16% v/v alcohol in fermenters and now aims for 18% v/v alcohol.

The BioImpulse project to develop bio-based adhesive resins

The BioImpulse project aims to create a new adhesive resin without any of the so-called Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC). By developing a biobased molecule of interest, the project will open up new biotechnology applications in the materials field. Coordinated by Michelin through its ResiCare entity, this collaborative project brings together major public and private players: FCBA, INRAE and INSA, as well as Lesaffre through Leaf. BioImpulse is supported by ADEME under France’s Future Investment Program.

In 2021, the project validated its first milestone: the technology’s industrial feasibility.

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