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Fostering innovation by outsourcing microorganism and process development 

Photgraph of microorganism and process development ongoing in a lab

As industries are shifting towards more sustainable solutions for all applications, players are seeking alternatives to their current productions. This can be done by either adding a bio-based block to existing processes, replacing current solutions with bio-based alternatives, or creating new bio-based molecules. Microorganism and fermentation process development are pivotal to do so, both demanding […]

Contract fermentation: a way to successfully achieve industrial production

contract fermentation facility

Biotechnology consists of combining scientific and technological processes with living organisms to create new useful properties. Its contribution to the environmental transition is significant within the bioeconomy. Many products from the petrochemical industry can be replaced by biobased products with the use of industrial fermentation. The industrial fermentation market was valued at $62B in 2021, […]

Industrial fermentation: its contribution to the bioeconomy and renewable chemistry

Industrial Fermentation for the Bioeconomy

In 2021, the equivalent of 1.7 planets has been used to satisfy our production and consumption needs1. Faced with this type of alarming observation, CSR issues are fortunately carrying more and more weight in companies. Thus, many industrial sectors are reconsidering their methods in sourcing, production, or transport to develop more sustainable and sounder ecosystems. […]

Industrial sustainability: solutions and technologies

Industrial sustainability plant production ethanol

It seems that no matter where you look, somebody is talking about sustainability: from recycling to sustainable sourcing to industrial sustainability, etc. And for good reason. According to the latest research, much of the world will see average temperatures increase by between 1.5 and 5 degrees Celsius relative to today by 2050. But the risk […]

The Green Lab, a place of knowledge and expertise

In the heart of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where Lesaffre holds its Industrial Pilot Plant, the Green Lab was established in December 2017. Since then, we have been carrying out lab scale fermentation trials, driving optimization efforts in propagation and fermentation to improve yield and productivity, and studying stress factors affecting fermentation, with the ambition of […]

Sustainable materials – strong corporate ambitions driving innovation

Numerous industrial groups are setting ambitious goals to reduce their environmental footprint. Most often, this involves reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, but some go further by aiming for 100% sustainable production.  This is, for instance, the case of LEGO which aims to make all its bricks sustainable by 2030, without compromising quality or safety. Michelin also wants to significantly increase the sustainable materials rate in its products: 40% […]

Lesaffre inaugurate a new drying facility in Alabama and celebrate the launch of Leaf’s new bioengineered yeast for ethanol production

On Tuesday, January 10, Antoine BAULE, CEO of Lesaffre, Thomas Benner, President and CEO at Lesaffre Yeast Corporation LLC and Red Star Yeast, and Didier Masy, General Manager of Leaf – Lesaffre Advanced Fermentations, inaugurate the new Lesaffre Yeast Corporation drying facility in Headland, Alabama and celebrate the launch of Leaf’s new bioengineered yeast for […]

Lesaffre acquires Butalco

Shortly after launching the new business unit Leaf dedicated to the development and sales of value added fermentation solutions to the bioethanol and bio based chemicals industries, Lesaffre are proud to announce their acquisition of the start-up Butalco. Founded in 2007 by Professor Eckhard Boles and Gunter Festel as spin off of the Goethe University […]